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Växjö is filled with beautiful nature reserves that are open to the public. If you want to hike, camp or just warm your hands over an open fire in the midst of nature, then you are in the right place.

» Swedish right of public access - what you are allowed to do in the countryside


An island in the great lake Helgasjön, near Evedal beach. The island have a beautiful beech wood with limegreen foliage in the spring and amazingly colorful in springtime. On the northern tip of the island there are two fireplaces where you can barbeque or just hang out. From Hissö you can also pull yourself over to Musö on a small bridge; a small but memorable experience.


Bokhultet is one of the largest preserved beech woods in Sweden and a very popular place to exercise or walk your dog.

The reserve consists of 210 hectare of land including the islands big and small Lindö, plus 135 hectare of water in the lakes.

Bokhultet is an almost magic place to visit, especially in autumn when the foliage turns into a million of different colors.

Some of Bokhultet have been an excercise field for the now closed army brigade, and traces are still present in the woods as bunkers and pits.

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